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Painting 101

Painting is more than covering a surface with paint and a paintbrush. To get great results, you need to know how to paint properly. Let True Value help you with the basics when it comes to painting your home. Consider this your handy Painting 101 guide on how to properly transform your home into the one in your imagination. Your local True Value can help you with painting ideas, painting tips, and painting techniques that will give you lasting, professional-looking results every time.

Let’s get started.

  • How to Select a Paint Color Palette

    How to Select a Paint Color Palette

    Learn what makes colors work together and get inspired.
    Learn More

  • Paint or Stain a Treehouse

    Paint or Stain a Treehouse

    Find the perfect color scheme for your kids' treehouse.

    Learn More

  • How to Seal a Deck for Summer

    How to Seal a Deck for Summer

    Give your deck a facelift with a beautiful finish. Watch Video

  • Color of the Month

    Color of the Month

    Explore and see what the color May Flowers inspires inside you. Get Inspired

  • Extreme Exteriors

    Extreme Exteriors

    See and share this month's wildest homes.
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