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Need advice? Inspiration? Ask a Master of All Things Hardwarian. Check out our library of DIY Advisor videos or see what our DIY Blog Squad has to say. Stop by your local True Value hardware store for help with customized color matching or choosing a color combination to create a particular mood. No matter the project, our Color Experts have the solutions. So, you can feel at ease knowing the help you need is never far away.

Painting 101

Get painting tips for beginners, step-by-step paint projects, and color-matching advice from our team of experts.


Different rooms require different finishes. Find out which finish is right for the job. Read More

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Step-by-step paint project guides for beginners, experts, and anyone looking for an easy update.


Paint Trim and Crown Molding

Everything you need to know about paint molding. Read More

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Paint Calculator

How much paint do you need to get the job done? Do the math with True Value's Paint Calculator.


Paint Calculator

Before you buy paint, figure out how much you'll need. Don't like math problems? Let our Paint Calculator do it for you. Read More

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Hardwarian DIY Advisor Videos

Get how-to instructions on paint projects and expert advice from our Hardwarians.

Clean and Store Paint Brushes

Everything you need to know to keep them painting like new. Watch Now

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Hardwarian Quick Ideas Videos

Let our Hardwarians give you quick and easy ideas for updating your home.

How to Choose a Paintbrush and Roller

Selecting the appropriate brushes and rollers can save you time and give you professional-looking results. Watch Now

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DIY Squad



DIY Squad

We've teamed up with True Value's DIY Squad members to share their home improvement, painting and helpful DIY tutorials.

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  • How to Select a Paint Color Palette

    How to Select a Paint Color Palette

    Learn what makes colors work together and get inspired.
    Learn More

  • Paint or Stain a Treehouse

    Paint or Stain a Treehouse

    Find the perfect color scheme for your kids' treehouse.

    Learn More

  • How to Seal a Deck for Summer

    How to Seal a Deck for Summer

    Give your deck a facelift with a beautiful finish. Watch Video

  • Color of the Month

    Color of the Month

    Explore and see what the color May Flowers inspires inside you. Get Inspired

  • Extreme Exteriors

    Extreme Exteriors

    See and share this month's wildest homes.
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